How HIPAA Strengthened A Solution Provider-Client Relationship

From your company's experience with other health care clients, what is it about HIPAA that seems to be the most difficult for health care organizations to grasp?

Probably understanding all the intricacies of what they are allowed to do and what they're not allowed to do on the privacy side, not just on the electronics side. … There's way too much stuff, way too much paperwork, and the doctors and the nurses and the medical offices all have to comply with that. [In addition,] they're trying to get patients to sign [HIPAA-related privacy forms.] … Electronic portals do all that privacy … that interoperability and all the exchanges and the patients don’t really buy into all that stuff that much.

Then you have breaches … it's complicating and frustrating for the medical providers to do any more than what they’ve done in the past.