How HIPAA Strengthened A Solution Provider-Client Relationship

Getting The Job Done

“Everyone knew we had to make changes to keep up with evolving HIPAA regulations, but no one knew where to start,” said Scott Dickson, IT director at Reeves, in a statement distributed by RapidFire Tools, HiTech's vendor partner in the HIPAA effort.

Using RapidFire's Network Detective HIPAA Compliance module and another tool, HiTech found problems that included unauthorized access and software and hardware updates, according to RapidFire. Reeves then asked HiTech to help improve compliance by conducting the staff trainings and continuing regular network assessments, as well as executing an overall compliance program.

“HiTech’s assessment services have helped us better mitigate risks, avoid HIPAA penalties, and become a more secure facility with an increasingly robust network,” Dickson said.

In this Q&A with ITBestOfBreed (edited for brevity and clarity), HiTech founder and principal owner Richard Raue (pictured) addresses the HIPAA work and what it has meant for his firm.