How HIPAA Strengthened A Solution Provider-Client Relationship

So, how did it come to be that you were the one to deliver that message to them about HIPAA?

It's not that they didn't grasp it. The problem that we saw was the buy-in on the higher levels. Basically, HIPAA compliance to them meant that IT and everybody else [were advocating for something that was] unreasonable, it was expensive, it was going to make everybody slow. Doctors didn't buy into that because they would have to change their passwords more often, and it was a huge inconvenience. … So, we got a lot of pushback on that. Then only once the incentives started [in which they could get back] $40,000 a year, $20,000 a year. … And realizing that, if you just get them to slow down and say "This could be good for the patient" [and] … you don’t want to be on TV and have somebody say that you're the one who just breached a million records, … the message became more of "Let's build a culture of compliance."