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Why Trifecta Technologies Divested Its Successful IBM Business Practice

Doug Pelletier, Trefecta Technologies

As one of just a few Platinum partners for the Heroku cloud and mobile development platform, Trifecta Technologies is pioneering new mobile applications and business processes. It will use the funds from selling a legacy business to invest in the fast-growing practice.

How Lumenate Turned Itself Into One Of The Fastest Growing Solution Providers

Reagan Dixon, Lumenate

Eleven years ago, Reagan Dixon and three others founded Dallas-based Lumenate as a technology consulting firm, focusing mostly on storage and business continuity. Dixon, now CEO of the company, said that Lumenate was able to establish itself over the years as a strong player in the Dallas area where  it was based, especially in storage.

In 2011, that all changed.

"We saw that there were vectors of change going on in the industry that were going to force us to adapt or become irrelevant," Dixon said.