Partner Profile: Managed Services Demand Drives Akuity's Growth

There's a lot going on about MSPs engaging in application development. Has it crossed your mind at all?

There are some things that we know we're not good at. We were an ISP once; we weren't good at that. We [tinkered] with the idea of being a data center; we're not good at that. … we don’t do print management; it's not our thing. And application development? … With 1,300 customers running hundreds of different types of applications, we wouldn't even know where to start. That’s not part of our value proposition. There are venture capital-based startup companies popping up every half hour coming up with new applications and we look more at the business [for] the long haul, and providing the platforms for which these applications can run on, being expert in the platform and not necessarily in the individual application.