How Open Systems Technologies Builds An IoT Sales Team

How did OST first get into the IoT market?

For OST, our IoT practice was really a natural evolution as our business changed. We started as a VAR and have evolved over time into services and in 2008, it was the early days of our custom software development practice. As that grew and evolved from three to four developers to the 60 software developers that we have today on that team, from software development we evolved into data analytics practices. During that time, around 2011 or so, Johnson Controls was a customer of ours, and we started doing some work for them in the building management and efficiencies area of their business. They have controls in buildings that are absorbing and creating data for energy management. So we created a suite of applications around that, and from there worked with the data visualization and data analytics around that. That became our first connected IoT-type project and essentially turned into a four- or five-year series of projects.