Write On! IT Pros Are Reading More Marketing Content

Optimize And Personalize

Personalize your content as much as possible since your target audience may have a wide range of field, industries and company sizes, NetLine says. That "should have a dramatic swing on the type of content produced to reach these professionals," the report notes. For example, marketers have launched new naming conventions in content titles and cover graphics, such as FinTech, GovTech, EduTech and HealthTech, NetLine says.

"Due to the amount of marketing 'noise'" in the B2B sales approach, "it is critical that we identify the correct messaging to match the needs of [a] particular audience," said Matthew St. Jean, director of channel marketing for Park Place Technologies, a solution provider based in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

In an email to ITBestOfBreed, St. Jean added: "As an example, a procurement specialist would emphasize cost savings – while an ‘in the weeds’ IT professional would harp on parts availability and fastest time to resolution."