Want To Boost Marketing And Sales? Here Are 7 Insights

Improving Branding Through Content

The top three inbound marketing priorities have a strong focus on content generation and online presence. Sixty-nine percent of marketers said growing SEO and organic online presence is one of their top priorities, followed by content distribution and promotion (58 percent) and creating blog content (57 percent).

The findings resonated with Todd Gallina, vice president of marketing for solution provider Trace 3, of Irvine, Calif.

"We continue to place a priority and the department’s energy behind the development of content for all levels of the funnel in order to support the needs of our business units," Gallina said in an email to ITBestOfBreed. "Along with that effort comes a focus on content distribution and promotion to ensure we are engaging with customers and prospects when and where they are … during their respective buyer’s journey."