SWC's Ric Opal On Bringing Digital Transformation To The Midmarket

From what you see, what industries - especially in the midmarket - seem to be most ready to embrace the change? (Part 1 of 2)

Financial services … There's a lot of big-data play there; a variety of things [such as] credit risk, [and asking] "Why do I have churn in my demand deposit or checking accounts?" There's a lot of stuff there. Lead scoring would fall in there as a relevant digital solution. … I think that manufacturing is ripe in the context of trying to take cost out of product.

If you look at a legacy customer scenario where they paid for [co-location] and they just took and displaced [it] and went with Azure site recovery instead, that can save a lot of money. Is that digital transformation? Not as it relates to improving the customer experience, but … it's transformational in the context of one's ability to recover, getting out of long-term legacy and contracts and improving financial performance. [The business] can take that money and do something relevant with it.