Q&A With Unisys' Rod Fontecilla: Here's Why We're Bullish On Artificial Intelligence

When did Unisys begin to see the need for something like a virtual COE?

Last year, we started realizing we needed a way [to give clients] a little bit of education, because you will go talk to the clients and then you will say -- and they will say – "We're here to talk about advanced analytics." And they will say, "Well, I have my report and my dashboard, and I'm happy with it." And we say, "Well, that’s not what we are here to talk about." The whole idea of reporting and dashboarding gives you a good view of the past, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the future.

Once you start having the conversation with them about being able to predict, they’ll be able to understand better … [and] all of a sudden, they start realizing, "OK, this is different and this is going to really change my business." So, we're not talking about technology anymore, we're talking about improving the business.