Q&A With Unisys' Rod Fontecilla: Here's Why We're Bullish On Artificial Intelligence

What do you think businesses' level of knowledge about artificial intelligence is right now?

I think there is a big appetite for learning. You see all these big players and you see artificial intelligence being used everywhere, from Airbnb to help you find the right place, or even hotels trying to offer you things that they think that you may like, to Amazon, to driver-less cars roaming the streets. 

Everybody's asking, "How does that work? How can we have evolved so rapidly to change technology in such an [impactful] way." People want to know how do these algorithms that learn, not necessarily by programming them but the more data you throw at them." They get smarter. And that’s a fascinating area that people want to know. And that's the idea of the artificial intelligence COE; [to] give you a little glimpse of how these things work.