Q&A With Marco's Jeff Gau: How Millennials And Boomers Bring In Sales

One of your recent blog posts addressed three different levels of sales pros. What are the things that have to be drilled home and reinforced during those first few years out of school when it comes to sales strategies, tactics and techniques? (Part 2 of 2)

I also think it's important that our newest team member has a customer base. If we share some base accounts with them so that they have some early wins and some activity … that really helps too. I also think that having an inside sales partner can really go a long way, I think looking for mentors.

If there's a new millennial [who's] joining a company and if you [find] somebody you like, latch onto them a little bit. Be mentor-able. Ask them to mentor you, and most of us would be proud to do that and happy to do that.