Q&A With Logicalis' Wendy McQuiston: We Can Ease M&A Migration Pain

When it comes to the IT organizations not having enough skilled people, are they more apt to rely on an outside organization such as Logicalis to get that expertise and learn?

They're relying on us to lead them and to lead the technical solution and the strategy around getting it done. … We do this in partnership with the organization, so we certainly don't want to keep it in a vacuum because it is their infrastructure. Having their people involved is a very [important part of] our success as well.

We tend to do the majority of the work and it's Logicalis-led, but we definitely bring their IT [people] into the fold.

There ends up being a significant amount of knowledge transfer in order for us to be able to hand off, when we're finished with a project, what the end result is. If they're getting it along the way and they understand what we're doing, how we did it, how to configure it and set it up, in the final state that certainly is beneficial to us because we want to lead them into a position where they're able to continue to manage that on their own.