Q&A With Logicalis' Wendy McQuiston: We Can Ease M&A Migration Pain

Why are M&As and divestitures so painful for corporate IT departments?

In some cases, they're understaffed. It's a very large initiative in many cases.  … That's part of it. I think the other part of it is that any time you invoke that level of change where you're going to be changing not only their Active Directory and their mail -- just basically the way that they're using their systems -- that creates a lot of additional work. And you've got two companies potentially that are coming together, or they're divesting and so they have different policies, perhaps set up on their systems ... and those all have to be compared and evaluated.

It is a very large undertaking to get [through] the details of what needs to be done. In many cases, they just don’t have the bandwidth because they're still trying to do their day-to-day operations.