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In a way, IT is caught in the middle when it comes to BYOD. People show up for work and they want their personal phone or tablet to work, for work. So, make it work.

Solution providers should undertake a data protection strategy that includes both robust protection and backup efforts and be sure not to skimp on updates or penetration testing, according to a system integrator CEO.

Bruce Miller, vice president of product marketing at Xirrus, explains his company’s new first cloud-managed, wall-mounted 802.11ac Wi-Fi access point to IT Best of Breed, as well as how solution providers can make money in the healthcare, education and hospitality spaces.

Compliance isn't easy – Compass Datacenters breaks down the basics and what you need to know in order to avoid a hefty fine. 

Clients will take the lead when it comes to building and using technology, Accenture said in its Technology Vision 2015 report. That doesn't mean there isn't a bright future for solution providers. 

A majority of data centers today are out of date. It's important to migrate to a more efficient, and denser model, but remember, planning is key.

In response to losing control over technology spending to line-of-business executives, IT Departments are trying to re-position themselves as internal service providers with strategic expertise.