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Take a look at how Logicalis is using its own IT transformation from classic reseller to solution provider as a stepping stone to a successful sales conversation. 

These myths have become ingrained, and they lead many tech firms to leave money on the table.

While overall IT spending is rising, it’s the cloud portion that's really driving the growth. The core, traditional on-premises model looks like it's on the verge of a recession.

This allows iCorps to position itself as the expert, the company that will help decide which 365 plan is the right one for various businesses.

Marketers are buying technology, but aren't really implementing that technology fully. 

As more businesses become comfortable with the idea of software as a service for mission-critical operations, pioneers such as Bluewolf, Appirio, Fruition Partners and Concerto Cloud Services are brushing up on vertical knowledge. 

While every successful sales manager needs to be good at sales, your most aggressive, self-centered performer isn't a good choice to lead others.