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Where is the future of customer experiences?

Quick, when was the last time you walked into your local bank branch and for what purpose? Was it to seek shelter from bad weather? Was it to grab free lollipops for your children or free coffee for yourself? If you can't even recall the last time you actually visited a bank branch, then then you're likely not alone. According to Novantas Data Services 74 percent of consumers say... "I can envision a day when I will do all my banking virtually."

Best in Breed Technology: Today’s “Rugged” Computing Means Performance—Not Just Taking a Lick

Everyone’s had a day at the office when they wanted to knock their computer off their desk, but for field workers in a growing number of industries it’s actually the “office” that knocks their computer down…or keeps it in arid or frigid conditions…or blasts it with water, sand and dust.

Building A Better Incident Response Plan

IT security

Businesses often have outdated, rarely referenced, and inadequate incident response plans, according to security experts. pulled together tips from several firms that solution providers can use to help clients navigate through the process of establishing an effective IR plan. It begins with a standard risk assessment to gain an understanding of an organization's risk tolerance and current security posture.

Solution Providers Can Assist In Security Incident Preparation