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Symantec Mobility Suite 5.0

Today mobility offers ‘any device, any time, any place’ productivity, appealing to both enterprises and employees. However, that flexibility comes with challenges – protecting corporate data on devices, separating personal and corporate information, managing diverse operating systems, and preventing devices and apps from becoming another attack vector.

iCorps Technologies Sees Massive Growth Driven By Office 365

Mike Hadley

Boston-based iCorps Technologies has gone from 0 to 100 when it comes to Office 365.

Driven "significantly" by Office 365 growth, as well as IT support, outsourcing and projects, iCorps has been growing at more than 25 percent a year, and CEO Mike Hadley said they expect to grow the $15 million business more than 30 percent this year.

BoB Conference: Cloud Transition Leads To Massive Growth For Rosebud Technologies

Making the transition from a transactional business to the cloud is tough.

That theme is echoing across the IT Best of Breed Conference in Orlando, Fla. this week, and a breakout session featuring Microsoft partner Rosebud Technologies was no exception.

Why Rightpoint Prioritizes User Experience

Ross Freedman and Brad Schneider

The first thing you'll notice during a conversation with Rightpoint co-founders Ross Freedman and Brad Schneider is the ease with which they amplify each other's thoughts.

"Everyone talks about the entrepreneurial experience," Schneider said. "We're equally interested in 'intrapreneurship,' activity across the organization. We wanted to start something from nothing."