Partner’s Study: Disruption, Infrastructures Top Corporate IT Concerns

Security Remains A Top Concern

With cyberattacks on the rise, data security is the top worry for technology leaders, the Insight survey found, with 69 percent of respondents citing data privacy as their top concern.

But they may not be getting enough money to protect their infrastructures. Fifty-seven percent of survey respondents said data security is the foremost area where more money is needed.

“We are hearing the same concerns as usual; companies focused on protecting their data and concerned with who has access to the data, who owns it, how to get it back if their company gets acquired or goes out of business,” Guggemos told IT Best of Breed.

But he cited another area of data vulnerability “that companies should think about but often don’t,” he said: employees who bring their own technology devices to the network, potentially creating security issues. The study found that growing businesses, in particular, encourage employee-friendly Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mentalities, which can lead to cybertheft.
That, too, can create an opportunity for solution providers, the study concluded.

“Most growing businesses are planning to increase cybersecurity spending and will consider outsourcing IT solutions to improve their readiness,” Insight said.