Q&A: Dimension Data Exec On The Rise In Network Refreshes

Why does adoption of software-defined networking seem to be slow? What can speed it up? (Part 1 of 2)

We definitely think that a part of the whole reason why we're seeing this uptick in the rate of change, or refresh, is because of things like programmability and technologies that will be able to provide additional value-add like software-defined WAN … not only in the data center. We're seeing the same thing applied now to the WAN, and as organizations are starting to refresh, they're looking at it more strategically. They're looking at preparing themselves for virtualization and automation and programmability. As they do this, they're taking a more pragmatic approach to it, and looking at it more holistically, whereas in the past, as the device got old, they would just replace it with a newer version of it that had more capacity or more bandwidth.

But as we see … some of it's moving more toward replacement, maybe replacing devices out at the edge of the network.