5 Ways To Reimagine Your Marketing Strategy For The Digital Age

5. Push Telemarketing Toward Customer Conversations

Being a telemarketer is a tough gig.

"It's really difficult to get someone to pick up the phone and have a conversation with you," Skelley said. "We need to be moving more toward customer conversations, and how do we get to a conversation with a customer where it's not just about a solution or product, but it's about having the flexibility and the ability to adapt and be agile on a phone call and a meeting where you can find an opportunity for that customer with your solutions and your capabilities. 

Every customer has IT needs, Skelley said. "It's up to us as sales and marketing people to find those needs. Every customer also has budget. ... Find me a company that has no budget. The question is, can we find a need, can we find an opportunity that we can solve and enable that customer to think about spending that budget with us? It's not about budget; it's about need, outcome and opportunity."