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Tech People, Here's How To Make Your Next Business Presentation A Winner

How to connect with a non-tech audience

Maybe you know the feeling. You're sweaty, maybe shaking a little. Your mouth is dry, your previously well-ordered and rehearsed points are now scattered. You're making a presentation, and you're out of your element.

However, if you're a tech person and you want to get things done and advance your career, you're going to have to get the hang of making presentations to non-tech businesspeople.

Five Backup Industry Predictions and Their Impact on Data Protection

Enterprise IT is evolving at a rapid pace with new platforms to address emerging business demands. The integration of mobile devices, cloud adoption by business, expansion of data repositories and a general trend toward centralization is changing the way IT is consumed and managed. Backup and recovery is directly influenced by these trends.

Here Are The Leadership Skills That Really Matter

Leadership skills that really matter

Leaders know that different situations call for different styles of leadership. But what if the best leaders shared a handful of core characteristics?

Well, the folks at McKinsey say they've decoded this conundrum, and they've come up with four core leadership skills that "closely correlate" with success.

Cisco's John Chambers On How To Lead A Tech Firm Long Term

Cisco CEO John Chambers

If you want to build and maintain a tech firm that crushes its competition and separates itself from the pack, be prepared to take risks when times are tough and move quickly.

That's just some of the advice Cisco CEO John Chambers shares with editor Lindsay Blakely in an Q&A about his 20-plus-year tenure at the helm of the tech giant, and what it takes to achieve that kind of longevity.

Gartner's Tiffani Bova: Top 10 Cloud & Business Trends

Facing The Future Now: Time To Be A Leader

Tiffani Bova, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner and a frequent speaker on channel issues, told solution providers at the recent NexGen Cloud conference that there are still a lot of questions about whether and when their clients should migrate to the cloud.

East Beats West In IT Rivalry, Investors Say

Investors: East Coast IT beats West Coast

Call it a culture war between the East Coast "ties" and the West Coast "tees." But just don't call the West Coast a winner when it comes to IT. Not by a longshot.

According to Ascent Venture Partners, Dunkin Donuts gulping East Coast techies have got the latte sipping West Coast geeks beat when it comes to IT investment in cloud, data, security, and mobility.