Top 5 Marketing Tech Opportunities For 2016 And Beyond

Rise of Post-Purchase Marketing To Drive IT Innovation

Starting in 2016, according to IDC, 70 percent of companies offering cloud or digital services will increase investments in post-purchasing marketing. The idea is that there will be more emphasis placed on customer retention and loyalty via more sophisticated marketing technologies that exploit emerging social, big data and Internet of Things trends.

IDC says the focus on post-purchase marketing investments will also trigger an uptick in experimentation. “As cloud services matures, there is much to be learned about what works best,” the IDC report states. Post-purchase marketing will include gathering data on a customer’s post-purchase “decision journey” to determine what he or she might share about a product or buying experience.

“From loyalty program management to gamification and from social tracking to recommendations, marketers can choose from many applications to run, manage, and measure post-purchase programs,” IDC wrote. “Big data and behavioral targeting will help identify customers that are most likely to become advocates as well as those most likely to churn.”