Q&A: CentricsIT's Derek Odegard On Rolling With Changes Over 10 Years

Is it tougher to sell hardware today given all the movement toward the cloud and the increase in software-based solutions?

Absolutely. The transition toward cloud and virtualization and software-as-a-service is obviously very real and it's definitely impacted the traditional transactional hardware business. And with that shift in the marketplace, we wanted to play to our strengths, and that's providing value-oriented solutions for our customers, and that's always been where we've tried to position ourselves. So for us … our global IT asset disposition practice and our third-party maintenance offerings are two examples where, as customers develop their hybrid infrastructures, we're positioned to help them lower their on-premise IT costs with our maintenance deliverables, and we're also uniquely positioned to make sure they maximize the value of whatever assets they're retiring as they move portions of their business to more public cloud-type scenarios.