Getting Off The Ground: Q&A With George Ferris Of New Service Provider CompassMSP

What are the issues you see SMBs facing today where the acquisitions really help?

Technology has evolved pretty significantly, and continues to evolve over a rapid pace, and we think that there are some significant productivity advantages that clients can take advantage of by investing in more sophisticated IT, allowing mobility, allowing use of some of the more sophisticated apps that are out there. So, we're trying to bring that sophisticated technology to our clients so that they can build secure networks, build productive networks, and be able to take advantage of all the great things that are out there.

Small companies find it hard to invest in all that, where they don’t have the bandwidth to hire a full-time CIO. So, we provide all that expertise for them and manage it full time and basically provide a highly reliable, highly secure, highly functional network as their outsourced IT department.