Banking On Master Agent Helps Cash-Tight Solution Provider Launch And Grow

Why work with a master agent for financial help instead of a bank?

There are a lot of reasons. Getting credit from a bank with no business is going to be tough. But master agents just [understand] it. With Intelisys, you don't have to explain [your business]. I didn't even think of a bank as an option because I don't believe it really would have been.

Intelisys gives [partners] the opportunity to pay [the advance] back through your commissions at a rate that you agree on upfront, and it [provides] zero interest … for two years until it becomes a loan [through the Intelisys Partner Investment Program]. Up until that point, it's just an advance against commissions. It's much more flexible in regard to terms and conditions [compared to a bank]. I didn't have to qualify like I would a bank -- all I needed was a contract [with a customer] and they knew what that was worth. The [contract] was collateral enough for Intelisys to support the risk in lending me the money.