Banking On Master Agent Helps Cash-Tight Solution Provider Launch And Grow

How did TeleSource get started with the Intelisys ACP?

After 20 years in the telecom industry, I had a couple of larger enterprise customers that were interested in working with me at TeleSource. Getting a large customer on board -- from all the contract negotiations and implementation -- literally took over a year because they were so large. This customer was billing $60,000 or so a month with us to start. I needed that customer [on board] first to make the business work because that would generate the revenue to sustain things while we moved forward with other opportunities. But I had to get that customer up and running and billing, and that timeline was just so long.

Having Intelisys jump in was great. When I got [the] contract signed, I submitted it to Intelisys, [which] then started a monthly payment for us against that contract value during the time I needed it in order to get the implementation done and billing started.