Talk Back On LinkedIn: The Opportunities That Lie Ahead

What's your outlook for the new year? Will you drive more recurring revenue? Will you hop on the Internet of Things bandwagon? And, are your sales and marketing initiatives in alignment? These discussion starters are up on IT Best Of Breed's LinkedIn page, waiting for you to weigh in.

What's your outlook for recurring revenue in 2017?

The drive for recurring revenue was one of the top stories in managed services in 2016. What are your recurring revenue goals for 2017? Where do you see opportunities?

New opportunities from the Internet of Things

Several key channel players are taking advantage of the emerging Internet of Things market. What about you?

How well aligned are your sales and marketing staffs?

More channel partners are shifting from focusing chiefly on transactions to providing services. That's pushing the sales and marketing functions to work more closely together. How well has that worked out for you?

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