6 Ways Your Business Can Become A ‘RoboPartner’

3. Become An Organization That Will Attract Talent
If you don’t help your own people grow and develop, you won’t be a magnet for new hires.

"The mistake we make as salespeople is we treat external [individuals] so much (more) importantly than we treat internal [staff] and that’s insane," Mache said.
Companies that don't plan to grow its sales team or sub agent community shouldn't plan to grow as a business, either, Mache said. In order to slow churn rates, or "stop the bleeding," he said solution providers need to spend time on fundamental tasks that grow the business – like streamlining existing positions and addressing human resources challenges – in order to attract new hires.    
4. Lead And Support Your Army
Adding thousands of dollars in new revenue a year doesn’t necessarily indicate a successful business, especially when you're leaking half of it. That’s why solution providers need to keep as many salespeople as possible. According to Mache, the acceptable rate of employee turnover is 5 percent
Realigning resources and people within the business can help smooth out operations, making job roles clearer, he said. And, employees can't hide behind any excuses for not getting their work done because there’s nowhere to hide thanks to processes and procedures, Mache said.
5. Make Sure They Know The Game Plan
Lower employee turnover can help you keep more customers. But keeping good employees also means these team members have to know where the business is going and are clear on their own goals. A business can have great people within a terrible structure.
Training programs and rewarding employees with small bonuses for hitting specific goals is a great way to start growing a company, "as opposed to just selling stuff," Mache said.
6. Raise The Bar
"[Having] another gear doesn't just mean they can go harder -- anyone can do that," Mache said.
A solution provider's sales team knows when to hunker down and do things they really don't want to do because in the end, they love what they do -- making the sale and sealing the deal, Mache said. Getting to that next gear requires setting goals.