Social Media Marketing Lessons From The Biggest Players In Tech

Playing With The Big Boys

By now, many organizations have realized the value in social media marketing, especially as a way to engaged with customers and potential customers. Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing is a two-way street, and it's not about making a sales pitch. Social media marketing is all about conversations with customers. According to a white paper from social media tracking firm SWIX, a handful of large companies, including tech giants like Google, Intel, Dell and others, have figured out how to do social media right.
Social media has to be treated differently than traditional marketing. Organizations must be sure not to take customers for granted and must provide them with something of value, SWIX says. In short, organizations must show respect for their customer communities or they risk potentially ‘fatal’ backlash.
Check out the following slides to see what makes a successful social media marketing effort, and who is doing it right.