Report: IoT Partners Must Ramp Up App Development

Solution providers should revamp their application development practices as the Internet of Things market kicks into high gear, a report by market research firm Vision Mobile says.
In the report, VisionMobile says app developers are the baseline for IoT, with about 5 million individuals currently active as IoT developers.

"If you're not into developers, you're not doing it right," said researchers in the VisionMobile report. "Developers are a driving force in every IoT industry and a source of competitive advantage."

VisionMobile isn't the only research firm bullish on app developers leading the IoT revolution. A recent report from BI Intelligence says nearly $6 trillion will be spent on IoT solutions by 2020, with nearly $2.5 trillion of on application development.

Here are five IoT app development trends VisionMobile sees  that highlight why solution providers need to refocus on growing their app dev businesses.