Peak 10: Hybrid IT Environments Offer 'Best Of Both Worlds'

Why Hybrid? Cost Control Tops List Of Reasons

Twenty-one percent of the survey base cited cost control as a reason for going hybrid, followed closely by resilience/reliability (19 percent), security and compliance (17 percent), and scalability/flexibility (17 percent).

"Hybrid allows us to choose when it is appropriate to host resources in-house, versus farm it out to our cloud platform … or to allow the software vendor to be the [SaaS] service provider," one survey respondent told Peak 10.

While 65 percent of organizations feel a hybrid infrastructure helps them save money, nearly half – 48 percent – of IT decision makers believe that public cloud offers the best choice for savings, while 29 percent cite on-premise environments and 24 percent selected co-located or hosted private cloud, the survey found.