How Cloud-Based Services Can Make Telecom Partners Indispensable

The Benefits Of Adding Cloud

In an IT market crowded with "born in the cloud" providers, the traditional telecom agent partner is going to have to evolve to stay afloat.

Many agent partners have been peddling networking and wireline services for years. Now, businesses are asking for cloud-based services. During a session at this month’s Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas, a panel of telecom professionals told agent partners how to incrementally add line items -- including cloud offerings -- to give customers the services they want while adding lucrative recurring-revenue streams to their bottom line. Offering more services not only spells more profit, but the agents that are branching out with their service offerings are also simultaneously retaining more customers.

Here are six tips that Michael Bremmer of telecom consultancy, Rob Rae of disaster recovery provider Datto, and Tim Basa of telecom solution provider Bullseye Telecom had to share regarding how the addition of cloud-based services can save legacy telecom businesses.