Four Tips For Encouraging Government Agencies To Join The Cloud

As government agencies continue to look to cloud or hybrid cloud models to store and use copious amounts of data, VARs are working to help them catch up. But with this fairly new technology, there are some trepidations in making that transition.
On Wednesday, Informatica representatives hosted a webinar through one of its partners, DLT Solutions, based in Herndon Va., explaining how its data integration software can be used by government departments to sift through hundreds of thousands of lines of information swiftly. Bobby Caudill, director of industry marketing for the U.S. public sector, and Tim Boyle, senior enterprise architect specializing in cloud solutions, shared some tips on what benefits cloud can bring to any institution. They’ve been working with government agencies for more than 20 years and said they encourage their clients to come on board with utilizing cloud.
For resellers looking to work with government agencies, or for those with federal customers hesitant to take that leap, Caudill and Boyle stressed some key points. Always remember to understand your client’s problems first, they say, so you can work with them to find the best solution.