What's Cool This Year In Software-Defined Networking? Here Are 10 Tools

SnapRoute's FlexSwitch

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup's flagship FlexSwitch offering is a fully programmable, open-source software stack aimed at helping companies improve the management of their cloud systems. SnapRoute's FlexSwitch enables every component of the network stack to be fully visible to the operator and completely modular so operators can continuously install or update only what is necessary for the infrastructure to run without impact or risk to the business.

The SDN offering can run on any bare-metal hardware and allows operators to use a variety of options for managing the network including CLI, JSON or tools like Puppet or Chef. SnapRoute said FlexSwitch exposes code as open source and gives access to it through a standard set of APIs, enabling operators to quickly correlate network anomalies and identify problems in the network before they occur.