How The Channel Can Sell More Cloud Software To SMBs

Reselling SaaS To Small Businesses

Cloud-based software levels the playing field for small and midsize businesses, putting enterprise-grade tools once accessible only to the big boys in their hands. That widens a largely untapped market for cloud software vendors.

But specific challenges preclude SMBs from adopting a broader array of Software-as-a-Service, a survey has found.

AppDirect, developer of a commerce platform for distributing cloud-based software, commissioned a survey of 500 small and midsize businesses to gauge their attitudes on SaaS adoption. Its report from that survey identified major stumbling blocks to adoption—challenges that only the channel can solve. "Businesses are not adopting software, not because they don’t want to or can't, but because the channel isn't enabling it enough," Daniel Saks, AppDirect's CEO, told ITBestOfBreed. "We see the opportunity for each user to use more than 20 applications, whereas now they're using only a few."

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