Datto CEO: MSP Focus Is Driving Company Growth And Expansion

(NOTE: This story was originally posted to CRN.com June 15.)

Datto Looks To Widen Its Support For The MSP Channel

Datto wants to be an indispensable part of the MSP channel, and is undergoing massive changes to help accomplish that. The company, best known as a developer of data protection technology for MSPs, has in the past few years made two major technology acquisitions that have made it a major player in the networking and security markets. At DattoCon last week, the company also unveiled plans to enter the virtual desktop business. And, as with everything the company does, this is all being done specifically to make it a more valuable part of the MSP business.

Datto CEO Austin McChord sat down with CRN during DattoCon to talk about the company's technology expansion and how it ties in with Datto's maniacal focus on the MSP business. Here's how a small company, just turning into a midsize business, hopes to take on the IT industry's biggest storage, security, and networking companies.