Case Study: SD-WAN Helps Investment Firm Accelerate Decision-Making

Getting Faster, At A Lower Cost

Timing is just about everything in financial services. Wunderlich Securities, an investment firm based in Memphis, Tenn., needed to respond more quickly to investor interest in the stock market and called on New York-based communications solution provider MetTel for help.

The answer was MetTel's software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) solution, which MetTel said helped allow Wunderlich to make financial decisions for customers in real time, which boosted profit and customer satisfaction while saving the company more than $35,000 in up-front costs and more than $12,000 in annual infrastructure spending.

"When we offer SD-WAN, [it's] essentially part of everything that we offer today," Gary Gluzman (pictured), executive director of product development for MetTel, told ITBestOfBreed. The goal is "to make sure that the customer gets good quality of service for Voice-over-IP traffic and it's also very easily manageable."

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