The 8 Pillars Of Dell EMC's Partner Program

(NOTE: This story was originally posted to Feb. 22.)

Winning Over Channel Partners

With Dell and EMC now one, Channel Chief John Byrne has won praise from partners for the way he and his team have handled the integration and unification of the company's partner program in the months since Dell's $58 billion acquisition of EMC, and now he's been recognized by Chairman and CEO Michael Dell himself.

At the Dell Technologies WorldWide Leadership Meeting this week, Byrne was presented with a Dell Leadership Award. Dell presented Byrne with the "Go Big, Win Big" award, and Byrne was quick to point out that he was accepting the award on behalf of his entire channel team.

The program that team has built aims to be the most complete and lucrative in the industry by streamlining processes, boosting rebates and incentives, and automating administrative tasks. The program is underpinned by several key philosophies developed to engender partner loyalty and to stoke partner aspirations to greater earnings and status.

Here are eight of the program's main tenets.