Take A Vacation? Do I Have To?

Most Stay Connected To Work, Even If Just A Little …

More than half of IT professionals – about 55 percent - surveyed by TEKsystems monitor work-related communications or activities, with most of them responding only to critical emergencies and requests. While these workers at least partially check out, there's a very dedicated sub-minority – 4 percent of entry- and mid-level employees and 2 percent of senior-level staff – who still perform their regular job roles, TEKsystems found.

One possible reason to maintain contact? About 22 percent of senior-level professionals and 23 percent of entry- and mid-level personal surveyed believe that staying in touch with the office while on vacation eases work stress.

But that doesn't apply to everyone, Hayman says. "A fair number of folks are checking in [with work during vacation], but it's not relieving their stress," he told ITBestOfBreed.