10 Things To Know As CSC Gives Way To DXC


(NOTE: This story was originally posted to CRN.com March 29.)

More Than Just A Name Change

CSC, one of the giants in the solution provider industry, will fade away as a brand name on Monday and give way to its new moniker, DXC Technology. On Wednesday, DXC executives introduced investors to the new company, which will be "ready to go" on debut day, according to Chairman, President, and CEO Mike Lawrie.

After CSC's merger with the Enterprise Services group of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which stockholders approved this week, DXC will plant its stakes on helping businesses with their digital transformation initiatives. To reinforce that effort, the company will invest in "next generation" technology skills, hiring such professionals as DevOps engineers and data scientists.

Executives forecast a first-year revenue range of $24 billion to $24.5 billion. When the merger was announced in May 2016, Lawrie called it a "natural first step" in the restructuring plans for both CSC and HPE, spurred by losses from both companies' traditional IT outsourcing clients that stopped doing business with them or wound down contracts.

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