Q&A With Chris Grandi Of Abacus Group, A Hedge Fund’s IT Helper

There's a lot going on about technology that helps companies on the compliance end. Do you see opportunity there as well?

The biggest thing is we not only provide IT services … Part of the challenge for asset managers is they have to be very transparent as to how they’re running their business. And so, from a compliance standpoint, they really have to show their workload, they have to show their number of users, they have to show … that they have control over the data. Ultimately, this is just reporting. One of the things that’s been beneficial to us is that we’ve had [people] come to us and more or less, they argue, “Well, we don’t have this level of reporting to be able to provide to the investors what they demanded, which is typically on us.” … That reporting aspect is really an important piece of paper but ultimately it really shows the investor that everything is compliant.