8 Ways The Channel Can Reduce Enterprise BYOD Risk

From the unintentional opening of a malware-laced email to more serious threats like a purposeful, targeted cyber attack, risks to the enterprise posed by employee-owned mobile devices are real and growing. Companies in all sectors are seeking ways to promote worker productivity via mobile devices while also limiting the potentially catastrophic damage a data breach or loss of data can carry. In addition to the IT security threats in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and retail, employees who use personal mobile devices in the workplace can actually complicate their jobs and create productivity challenges because they lack connectivity to the IT ecosystem. The practical and technological challenges facing enterprises that employ a BYOD strategy are great, and many are turning to channel partners seeking alternative solutions. IT solution providers can educate enterprises on the risks of BYOD and explain how to address the risks with managed mobile solutions that balance productivity with corporate priorities like security and ROI.