8 Strategic Steps For Long-Term IoT Security

As devices related to the Internet of Things become more prevalent in the workplace, businesses are growing apprehensive about holding sensitive data securely.

Ojas Rege, vice president of strategy at Mountain View, Calif.-based mobile solutions company MobileIron, thinks that businesses should take the forefront in preparing security measures for new connected devices in the workplace.

"At MobileIron, we expect the number of devices with connectivity will grow exponentially over the next decade," said Rege. "Some of those devices will have a human interface and be multi-purpose, like a smartwatch. Others will never interface with a person and be highly specialized, like a motion sensor. But all will produce and consume enterprise data and need to be part of an overall security architecture."

Following are eight steps companies should take to prepare for security issues that may arise with IoT connected devices, according to Rege.