8 'Must Do' Things To Improve Your Google Search Rankings

Putting Google To Work For Your Company

A solution provider's ranking in the Google search algorithm comes down to two things: relevance and authority.

That's according to Allan Walters, director of SEO and marketing for W. O'Donnell Consulting, a New York-based solution provider.

Walters told attendees of the TechSelect 2016 Fall Partner Conference that Google considers relevance to be the extent to which a website addresses a search term. To boost their relevance in Google, solution providers must have lots of pages with detailed content that addresses common search terms.

Authority in Google eyes measures the extent to which a website is considered an important source in its field, Walters said. The primary way partners can boost their authority score is by having more backlinks with other important websites pointing to their website.

Here are Walters' eight ways solution providers can boost their rankings.