5 Ways To Ensure Your Partner Program Is Fruitful

Many solution providers find that partnering with VARs and channel resellers has a direct and positive impact on sales and customer feedback. Although many solution providers are taking steps toward teaming up with resellers, some aren’t laying the foundations necessary to ensure that both parties succeed.

In a successful partnership, you should provide a wealth of information and tools to partners including: substantial product knowledge, sales best practices, responsive product changes, qualified sales leads, implicit commitment and increased sales. From partners, you should get customer feedback, insight into industry trends, promotions best practices, stronger relationships, quicker response times and increased sales.

If done right, your channel partners’ success will pay you back in dividends, so make sure you’re arming them with all the tools necessary to over-perform. These tips can help your business build and nurture a better program for your VARs. Just remember: The future of your business' success directly relates to the success of your partners.

Brian Sutter is director of marketing at Wasp Barcode Technologies.