5 Big Questions About IoT And The Channel

IoT Lessons From The Channel

With solution providers jumping in on the growing Internet of Things action, where are the best opportunities and how should channel partners address IoT with customers?

Many times, says Tom Marek, an IoT expert and practice director of the Microsoft Enterprise Solutions Group at SADA Systems, of North Hollywood, Calif., his company hears something like "We're creating a new device, and this device is going to spit out a lot of data and we really don't know what to do from there."

That's especially true in manufacturing, he told IT Best Of Breed, because many times, while creating a hardware product, "they don’t really know the software side of it, so that’s where they get a little bit lost."

And that's when some businesses call on solution providers.

Here, Marek and two other solution provider executives address how they focus on IoT with clients.