Best Partnering News

Executives with Qualcomm, Solidworks, Sony and Samsung explain why partnering with smaller companies is crucial to success.

Investors showered money on cybersecurity, networking and Internet of Things companies.

Are you preparing a client for a cloud migration? Watch out for these six common traps during the assessment phase.

Now that it has spun off its business process outsourcing business, Xerox wants to sign up 500 new U.S. partners.
As the two tech giants came together, optimism of their channel partners outweighed anxiety. Here are the 10 biggest stories of the year.
These deals impacted the solution provider landscape and provided clearer signals as to where technology will head next year.

The program helps MSPs by allowing them to use their own branded version of the Meraki MSP Dashboard. Cisco's goal is to make managed services 20 percent of its $1 billion Meraki business.