Solution Providers Tapping The Health Care Gold Mine

Eran Westman
Eran Westman

Solution providers should start keeping a keen eye on the health care field because opportunities are going to come quickly once people accept the new way doctors, nurses and other professionals conduct their work virtually.

Earlier this month, Eran Westman was appointed President and CEO of Vidyo, which develops software-centric videoconferencing implemented in Google's Gmail's video, phone calls and 'Hangout' feature. Vidyo is also co-developer of Nintendo's Wii U video game console video-chat services.

A key market Vidyo has targeted over the past few years is the Healthcare sector. With dozens of healthcare customers, including the Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital and UnitedHealth Group, the privately funded, Hackensack, N.J.-based company sees its hundreds of partners playing a huge role in delivering its products to their customers.

Westman, who has more than 20 years of business leadership experience, said solution providers around the country should start eying the healthcare field as a serious market where there is money to be made.
Westman said he is already seeing channel growth tied to rising interest in the Internet of Things in the healthcare market.

"Every hospital, every clinic in this country can actually be a potential customer for every channel," said Westman during an interview with IT Best of Breed. "There is a tremendous change in the healthcare organization for (partners) to get more sophisticated in."

By making it possible for patients to conduct doctor appointments without leaving their homes, tech companies like Vidyo are an important factor in opening opportunities for solution providers in the healthcare sector.

"It was even approved that doctors can charge for a call over video," said Westman.  "To be able to speak with a doctor without having to go there – either for check-ups, even people providing psychiatry treatment, or for your kids' appointments, which can be often, this is the beauty and opportunity Vidyo allows."

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