How You Can Turbocharge Your Content Marketing

Any business owner knows that creating and building brand awareness is critical to growing revenue.

In the technology industry, many solution providers have placed content as a core element of their marketing strategies, helped by the growth of the web as a publishing platform.

For David Furth, CEO of Leap The Pond, a provider of accounting solutions based in Milford, Conn., content marketing – specifically through blogs and whitepapers - has been critical to his company's recent growth.

"We focus on what's become sort of the traditional [methods], both inbound and outbound marketing … developing content … and driving traffic through our website," Furth told IT Best Of Breed. " We like to be prescriptive and thought provoking; those are the (areas) we keep in mind. … That's a big piece of what our content marketing is about today."

Content marketing can be hit or miss, no matter the industry. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, which provides resources on content marketing for businesses, wrote earlier this year that only 30 percent of marketers at B2B companies said their organizations are effective with their content marketing.

How do you succeed? Part of the solution is to have a documented marketing strategy, and communicate regularly to discuss content marketing initiatives, Pulizzi writes.

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